The cost of a fire performance varies depending on the event, number of performances, type of performance, and location. Prices start from the london base rate – £150.
Types of performances and venues vary, so the suitability of your venue for fire can only be judged individually. In general, venues should:

–  Have a ceiling higher than 7ft (approx. 2 metres)

–  Be free of flammable objects (e.g. paper lampshades, carpets – however wood flooring is fine)

–  Allow a 2 metre distance between the performer and the audience

Of course! When done properly.

We make sure all equipment is checked before every performance. For insurance purposes, all audiences must be a minimum of 2 metres away from the performer at all times. This is the host’s responsibility.


Fire extinguishers and fire blankets will be provided.

However, if you have fire fighting equipment, feel free to make it available. The more at hand, the safer your venue will be.

Fire Poi Dancing speciality, Fire Eating, Fire Breathing and Body Burning.

Fire Poi are chains with kevlar wicks at their ends; these are soaked in ultra-pure Paraffin or white gas and then lit. When spun they produce mesmerising patterns, can be thrown and give the performer an unlimited repertoire of tricks to create a thrilling fire show.

Yes, through Hiscox – public liability insurance covering injury and property damage of up to £10 million.
For any enquiries send me a message via the Contact page

For bookings submit request via the Booking page


There is a £10 discount for paying via PayPal on first time bookings.

Also repeat booking receive a 10% discount.

We accept PayPal, debit/credit cards, bank transfer and cash prior to the performance.

All performances must be paid for in advance to cover travel and equipment cost.

There is a £10 discount for paying via PayPal on first time bookings.

Performances are client specific and are tailored to the event. There are two performance types ‘choreographed’ and ambient.

A choreographed performance consists of a 5-7 minute set consisting of Fire Poi dancing, body burning and fire eating.

Ambient performances are longer freestyle performances in the background of your event or alongside other acts. These performances consist of Fire Eating, Body Burning, Fire Breathing, Fire poi dancing and Fire staff dancing.

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